2018/2019 Assessment:
House   $725.00  Lot   $550.00

Annual Assessment is due on June 1st.

Please note, delinquent homeowners are now liable not only for all outstanding dues
 and interest, but also for processing fees.

For information regarding real estate transactions, please contact christine@sunriselake.org or brittany@sunriselake.org 


 The Sunrise Lake Property Owners Association
will conduct its business in the following ways:

Work Sessions - closed informal gatherings of the board where sensitive items, with or without a written agenda, are discussed and explored. These meetings will be called as needed. 

Executive Work Session - executive formal meeting consisting of all directors of the board will be held on an as needed basis to vote on issues that need to be settled in a timely matter.

Board meetings - open formal meetings where the board will vote on items, organized by an agenda, where the public is invited to comment. Each speaker will identify themselves by full name and address. 

The secretary will record all comments, the chair of the meeting will acknowledge the comments, and when the allotted comment time has expired, the board will work its way through the agenda.

If at any time during the meeting there is a need to discuss something the board deems sensitive or confidential, the board will go into executive session, discuss such issues without the public, and then return to the public and complete all voting in public and on the record. The board will post a schedule of these meetings as that schedule is developed.

Semi-Annual Meetings of the Association-

These are bi-annual meetings that will be held at either St. Vincent's church or other large space, where anything that requires ratification by the community, such as the budget will be discussed. The annual election meeting's primary purpose and main order of business will be electing new board members. This meeting will be held in July.The annual budget meeting will be held in April.